Troy Burden, CHRS, HIP Insurance Specialist / Co-Host of Our Two Cents podcast

Meet Troy Burden, CHRS

Troy Burden is a California licensed agent and holds a life, accident and health appointment as well as property and casualty. Local to the Valley, his experience spans over 20 dedicated years. Troy currently heads the sales and compliance department at The Lynn Company, where his main focus has been to provide the highest level of customer service paired with compliance, and consumer education in the ever changing healthcare environment. Along with compliance, Troy also has the ability to recommend and tailor plans to suit both the needs and budgets of his clients. His in-depth knowledge of the industry, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of healthcare has set him apart. Troy currently works alongside six account managers to execute these goals. Together, they are passionate in the pursuit of excellence and hope to enhance consumer education through technological advancements, and creative strategies.

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